unOfficial site of a powerful & easy-to-use BitTorrent client

This site comes with the spirit of spreading the BitTorrent client after the end of the official support site.

Main Features:


  • Clean UI, Multiple simultaneous downloads
  • Torrent Share
  • Preview while downloading
  • Trackerless support (Mainline DHT, v3.0.0+)
  • Multi-tracker support
  • Disk cache
  • Fast job resume
  • File selecting support
  • UPnP, NAT Traversal support
  • Protocol Encryption
  • Easy-to-use download management
  • Shutdown computer when job done
  • HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
  • High speed & Low CPU usage
  • Unicode support (v3.5.0+)
  • IPv6 support (v3.6.0+)
  • Scheduled Tasks (v3.6.0+)
  • Private Tracker support (v3.6.0+)
  • magnet links support (v3.6.0+)




BitSpirit v3.6.0.550 Stable:

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